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I often have many ideas but create very few of them. I love the idea of the ideas. Ideas are often more interesting than tangible conclusions of an idea. I often go off on tangents and moves from idea to idea without finishing any of them. I love Wikipedia. I love Wikipedia because it allows me to search something of interest, see a link inside of that original article, perhaps two or three links, open those links into new tabs, and find three links to open into new tabs in each one of those new links. I don’t read the original Wikipedia article I opened.

My work utilizes a myriad of techniques to explore the ideas of identity, culture, and human behavior. I use different media to expand my visual vocabulary as an artist and to push the idea of what it means to be an artist. I also intend to explore things that can be difficult to verbally speak about. Through digital technologies, traditional tools, photography, object making, and performance I give these stories a lexicon that was otherwise not represented.

I am tired of white privilege in the art world. I seek to make work that allows my own privilege to be challenged. I encourage other artists to question their own privilege.

  I was born in Central California, raised in Florida, and live in NYC. I have built three lowrider cars, a gold schwin bike, and have taken hundreds of thousands of pictures since 2003.